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Greeting's Kittens!

Thanks for coming by this week. I'm sorry I missed out last Sunday, I'm still sick but I'll comment and visit as much as I can. Today's offer from DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT is directly after Six Sentence Sunday #5.


     Kincaid’s left hand worked his shirt out of his pants and up over his head. “I instigated this, I’m going to make amends. Skin to skin contact, don’t push for more, I’m all out of extra luck and saintly patience.” He dropped down to the balls of his feet and dipped his tongue into the hollow at the bottom of Ajay’s spine. Over the course of a full minute, he licked his way back to standing, pausing at each chakra point along the way to drag his tongue in a clockwise circle twice before moving on. He stayed flush to Ajay’s body, sliding skin to skin until he reached the back of Ajay’s neck and lightly bit down.

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Greetings, Kittens!

Thank you for coming by again this week. The following is a little after last week's offering from DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. It's still Ajay and Kincaid being observed by Mackenzie.


It happened so quickly, Mackenzie missed the smaller details. One moment they were facing each other, the belt in both their hands and the tension between them threatening to take on physical form. The next moment Ajay’s upper body lay face-down across the dresser in the center of the closet, the belt cinched tight over his wrists, the end wrapped several times around Kincaid’s right hand.

“Don’t fight me, Ajay."

It took several tries for Ajay to form the panting breaths into words. “That would defeat the purpose.”

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