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 I almost missed posting today, fortunately I finished FLEs just in time. *Whew*

I couldn't decide what to post and when you can't decide, always go with celebrating the good news of friends. 

The wonderful Jeaniene Frost ([profile] frost_light), and lovely Melissa Marr ([profile] melissa_writing) will be in an adult urban fantasy anthology with Vicki Pettersson, Jocelyn Drake ([profile] jocelynndrake) and person fave Kim Harrison! The tenative release date is May '09 through the EoS line of HarperCollins!

Two folks I know from LJ, (One who was a complete sweetie with my query and sample pages {{{Hugs}}}), one person on my TBR list, another I'm looking forward to reading, and a FAVE author all in one place. You don't get better than that! I'm so happy for everyone involved and thus, we shall celebrate.

Everybody Dance!

Celebration Ramble Done

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Hello Lovelies, 

I bid you all to get on over to Dreamtime Journal for this Saturday's Author Spotlight. It's LJ's very own [profile] frost_lightor as her soon to be adoring throng will refer to her, Ms. Jeaniene Frost. Her novel HALWAY TO THE GRAVE will be on your bookstore shelves Tuesday October 30th. 

Run off and learn about Jeaniene, her wonderful book, and the way a writer's mind works. Ask your questions, leave your comments of encouragement and in general hang out and have a time. 

If you need more encouragment here's an excerpt to let you know what you're missing. 

See you all there. 

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