Jan. 28th, 2011

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Greetings, Kittens!

If one can believe what is seen on television and read on the internet, many of you out there in relationships have a freebie list. That is, those celebrities with whom you get a free pass on having a romantic encounter should reality drastically shift and bring you into each other's sphere of being. I don't have one of those. If something unforseen, but sensually fortunate came about, I'd just call home and ask, because that's how we roll. But that's not to say there aren't those for whom special compensation has been made. I do have a run-off-into-the-sunset-call-me-when-you-get-there list, and it only has one name on it.

Every other crush I hold in my affections would have to share with My Sweetie, but for one man, just the one, I would run off for a bit of a honeymoon phase and give my total attention, until we worked something out. And My Sweetie has given his blessing because even he has to admit this man is made of Awesome topped with Win!

This Friday I bring you the man in the secondary slot of my highest affections, and he who appears most often in my visual movies as I write. Yes, Kittens, today's Crush of the Week is the Wolverine, The Boy From Oz, Kate and Leopold, The Fountain, Swordfish and the Van Helsing-y goodness (at least he looked good, let's not talk about the actual movie) that is Hugh Jackman

I'm sure everyone who is a fan has their favorite movie, favorite, role, and favorite moment that made Jackman one to admire or to swoon over depending on your fangirl/boy personality type. I fell in love with Hugh during Inside The Actor's Studio and later that night during a profile on Biography. Oprah then conspired to make it that affection and to my amazement he Just. Kept. Getting. Better.  From the accent, to the body, to the comic-book character goodness, (even if he's a foot taller than Wolverine was written), there's a lot of surface things to love about Hugh, but it was the interview and the depth of his love for his family that captured me. He radiates a sincerity and confidence in speaking about and expressing his love for those important in his life, that is almost physically manifest as talks. There's also a depth to the way he talks about the world, his place in it and his responsibility to it. He's not just someone whose genes I want for my future offspring, he's someone I'd want to sit next to and talk about life with, and that's a rare total package, Kittens. 

I could gush for days, (and I have), but enough of that, onto Hugh.


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