May. 12th, 2011

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 Greetings, Kittens!

This is a T13 that almost wasn't. I had two revisions due five days apart and I'm not fairing as well on the second one as I'd hoped to. I completely forgot it was Thursday and that I didn't have a T13 ready. I took my allergy meds and everything before I remembered. I'm so tired, I could cry. But I'm not surprised I forgot, I'm behind on several things and in that spirit, I figured listing those will work as good as anything. So here you are, 13 Things I Need to Catch Up On. 


1. Sleep. I haven't been to bed yet. 

2. Laundry. We live in a fourplex with a coin operated machine and I've run out of quarters. Due to the first one, I haven't been able to get to the bank for more, but I'll fix this tomorrow.

3. Writing. I've been caught up in revisions of completely manuscripts that I haven't started anything new.

4. Music. I've put in a good effort, but I'm well behind on my music collecting on YT. I haven't created a new playlist in ages.

5. Groceries. It's been too hot to turn on the stove and we've spent well more than I would have liked on ordering out. Combine the heat with the first one and I'm overdue for a trip to the store.

6. Workouts. I have actually worked out every day. The issue is the heat and waiting for the evaporative cooler, (or swamp cooler if you happened to be from the American Southwest and know the name) to be switched on by building management. Even with a fan directly on me, I've overheated so my workouts have been short. A cold front moved in so today was my best riding day in a week or so.

7. Television. My husband-like-person, says he goes into withdrawal when I'm this close to deadline because I don't want to watch anything and the hours we spend sharing shows just becomes a vast void for a week or so. The DVR is bursting now, I hope to knock a few shows off before either of us run into spoilers.

8. Socializing. I've been completely remiss in commenting on forums and such. If GoodReads didn't send email updates, I wouldn't even remember it was still there. I have gotten better with Twitter this last week. I haven't really had time for more than a 140 character break at a time, so it's been working!

9. Vidding. I taught myself how to make fanvids, as a way to avoid writing something I didn't want to work on because I was pouty, and I haven't gone back to polish my first project yet. I need to catch up on that asap before I forget everything I learned from the tutorials.

10. Journaling. This is a type of meditation for me that clears the cobwebs and get's everything flowing again. I've missed it a great deal.
11. Hooping. The ultimate moving meditation, I've used my hoops daily but it's been handhooping some 97%. It helps to work out the fatigue from typing, but it's not the waist hooping that really gets my endorphins flowing. I'll be thrilled when the swamp cooler is on and I can go back to walking in the room to hoop a few minutes at a time.

12. Email. Of everyone likely to see this, I still owe at least three of your emails and I swear you'll get them. I'm going to try one or two each day through the weekend as my break from work.

13. Rest. Not quite the same as sleep, I miss resting even more than I miss sleeping. I don't feel loose and relaxed because I haven't been able to to the things that keep me that way when things get stressful, like hooping, dancing and working out hard. Yeah, I'm really bitter about the whole swamp cooler thing.


Yeah, there is no 14, this is just a gratuitous Padalecki moment because he looks like one of my characters here. I'm going to blame it on the meds kicking in and hopefully helping to remedy 1 and hopefully 13. I may be able to do a handful of blogs before I'm essentially asleep on my feet. But even if it has to be this evening, I will get around to you all. Thanks in advance for stopping by!

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