May. 19th, 2011

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm only now getting around to T13 today, for many good reasons; 13 of which I'm about to share. *Smile* Yes, last week's T13 now realized.


1.  Sleep. I had some. It was brief, but lovely.

2. Sinus Issues. I went to sleep "early" because of the sinus headache that smacked me about last night. I'm still being haunted by its ghost, but I'm dealing well I believe.

3. Writing. Before the headache, I actually got work done on the next PsiCorps novel. I have no idea what's going on, but I'm enjoying finding out.

4. Glasses. I spent the bulk of the day, running out to get my new glasses and have an adjustment to my contacts. I haven't worn them in twenty years and my eyes are rebelling when it comes to close focus text reading. Yeah, you know, my job.

5. Connection. I abandoned my husband-like-person while working to make my deadline last week, so I spent most of my "well time" with him.

6. Television. After our adventures out, we settled down to clean out the clutter on the DVR and settle the season finales of our faves before they were spoiled.

7. Friends. When I got up this morning, I could have immediately done the T13, but I was busy catching up with folks I haven't talked to in way too long. They seemed happy? *smile*

8. Reading. A book, really, me, I had time to read. This is what having a huge break between deadlines feels like. I'm a fan.

9. Forums. I think I've caught up on all but two as of this afternoon.

10. Facebook.

11. Business. Got caught up in conversations on the business side of the writing that I hope will keep growing.

12. Shopping. More of which will need to be done in an hour or so, as well as Saturday and probably Monday.

13. Laundry. Which I'm still in the middle of, so I'll be right back.

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