Jul. 21st, 2011

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Greetings, Kittens!

There's a new Guardian's Circle novel debuting today and you know I just had to bring you the goods! Here are 13 Paragraphs of WORLD'S COLLIDE by Moondancer Drake.

Thursday Thirteen – Worlds Collide

(1) “Well, someone had a good time,” Maa Efi said, his eyes scanning the room. “Just the four?”

(2) “Yeah, just the four.” Rune watched as he moved into the room. His two college-aged sons appeared in the door next. “Did Akuma tell you we needed a transport, too?”

(3) “We’ll take him down,” the older of the brothers, Nathanial, said solemnly. Each was over six feet in height and had to duck his head to make it through the door. The broad shoulders and stocky build of all three men were attributes of their Samoan heritage.

(4) His brother, Kai, gave the women his signature boyish grin. “You ladies able to walk out of here on your own?”

(5) Both women nodded and stood, and Rune watched them eyeing the two muscular, dark-haired, young men with interest. It never ceased to amaze her how those boys could turn a young woman’s fears to lust with a dark brooding scowl or a charming smile. Maybe that was part of their power for keeping the secrets — distraction.

(6) Rune helped Nathanial and Kai get the humans to their van and lay the man on a pile of soft blankets in back. The man’s skin was cold and clammy. She checked his eyes and found the pupils dilated. “You need to get him to the hospital quickly. I can stay with your dad.”

(7) “No need. Dijony and Mary are on their way to help him clean up.” Kai grinned and pointed at a black SUV and motorcycle coming up the alley. “And here are the goddesses now.

(8) The two vehicles pulled to a stop next to the garage, and Rune stepped away from the back of the van. Kai moved to take the place Rune vacated and closed the double doors behind him with a click.

(9) “You’re a mess.” Mary got out of the driver’s side and tossed a plastic bag to Rune. “Thought you might need these.”

(10) Rune nodded her thanks and, as Dijony opened the back of Mary’s SUV, Rune climbed in. Rune stripped out of her bloody gear and changed into the blue jeans and t-shirt. “We’ve got civilians headed for the hospital. We covered?”

(11) “I already called Peter and Leo,” Mary called out from beyond the double steel doors of the SUV. “They’ll meet the guys at the hospital to deal with the paperwork.”

(12) Rune shoved her bloody clothes into the now empty plastic bag and tied it shut, then thrust it into her gym bag before climbing out of the van. With a goodbye wave to her friends and a cautious glance around to be certain the path was clear, Rune was once again headed home.

(13) Yeah, crashing a vamp party was a great way to spend an evening.

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