Aug. 2nd, 2011

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm finally feeling better today. I'd say I'm at 67.4% which may sound low, but I've gotten quite a bit done between 60 and 70% in the past, so this is a win! Of course, I can't do much of it for extended periods of time, that requires getting up to 80%, but I did strength train today for the first time in...2011? Okay, so not true, I've been using my weighted hoops for upperbody training, but it's the first time I've used the resistance bands, or done a dedicated upperbody workout since I went fully into the CFS down cycle in June. It gives me hope.

It also gives me endorphins and before they wear off I wanted to get in here and get a blog done. I had a guest blog yesterday at Beyond the Veil and you are more than welcome to still drop in and talk about your character crushes. We had a wonderful time revealing them yesterday and would love your input!

I've been trying to get back to regular blogging for more than a year now and have finally found my rhythm in it. I just need to remember to post here, even when I'm actually guest posting elsewhere. It will help build the discipline of getting here three to four days a week, which in turn means visiting all of the people I miss  catching up with while I'm off doing other things.

One of My Folks I need to catch up with is the lovely Rosemary that many of you may know as [ profile] sophy . I've owed her answers to a question exchange for a bit and she's been quite patient, so I'm going to dive in and share. Because blogging is all about the sharing, right?

To give you a little context, at the end of a long list of questions I asked her: What one (or ten) thing(s) do you most want to know about me? To which she replied:

1. I'd love to know more about the dual-gendered thing and what that means to you.

I love the way this is phrased, because the way I relate to being dual-gendered is in no way universal or meant to define that gender-identity for all who come. 

Personally, I've always felt that I was a boy as well as a girl. I assumed that I'd grow up and have breasts and a period and have babies, but that I'd also develope a penis and that would show I was a boy too.  Imagine my surprise to find out that it wasn't going to grow in; but to learn later on I could have several fallaces of my own that would come in various colors and multiple speeds!

I feel incredibly female and womanly and spiritually feminine, but no less male because of that. My masculinity simply lacks genital expression, but gender is in the brain not in the pelvis. Some women have penises, some men have vaginas, most dual-gendered have only one or the other, but it's all good.

2. What's your spirituality like?

Deep and abiding. But since they don't let you put that on a form I currently use the term Gaian. It encompasses so many things and holds a deep and evolving truth for me on a scientific and spiritual level. For me, the Earth is a living, breathing interconnected system, of which we are all a part. This is explored on the science side as The Gaia Theory.

On the spiritual side, I believe there is a cosmic consciousness invested in the concept of Gaia as the Earth Mother Goddess and so she is the most universal Goddess facet and so the one that resonates with me on an interactive level with the rest of the world.

I am entirely Goddess-Centered in my beliefs, because like myself, my image of the Divine being female makes it no less male. *smile* I don't need a god & goddess system to see men as equally divine. I believe all genders and all beings are shards of the Creative All and it doesn't matter how I visualize It, It still encompasses everything.

3. Do you have an online space where you post more personal type postings?

Not yet, but I will soon and I will let you know when it comes about.

4. I'm about to start Butler's Patternist series - what order do you think I should read them in? (that one's more about me than you.... so add in anything you want about the series and/or Butler and her impacts on you personally.)

It's been too long since I read them, so I don't have a suggestion on this.

5. What was your first fandom?

I have two answers for this. My first fandom was Star Trek:The Next Generation. It was the first time I became very involved with a show and everything to do with a it, including tie-in novels and conventions. That said, it's only fair to acknowledge Stargate SG1 as the fandom that would define fandom for me, for all time. It was the first full immersion in fandom on all levels including fanfiction and message boards, something I didn't have with STTNG. SG1 gave me the community of fandom and I now measure all fandom by that. *smile*

So there we are, Kittens. Five things about me and a bit of blogging while the getting was good.

Ramble Done


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