Sep. 25th, 2011

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Greetings, Kittens!

Welcome back and thank you for coming by each week. Today I offer more of A Way To A Dragon's Heart. I'm so excited for the release next month that I can't focus on another story yet, so I'm thrilled that you all seem to love Kryssa as much as I do. This picks up just  a bit after last week and you can read all of the offers so far HERE. For reference, this is Kryssa speaking with her brother Dominic.



“She touched me to check if I was warm-blooded, and you and I both know, I’m going to be checking her blood if she touches me again.”

Dominic ran his hand over his face. “At least you haven’t thrown her out of a window like the last time someone touched you.”

Kryssa’s jaw dropped, “First of all, as an Avian, he should have known better. Second, we were only twenty stories up, for a WereFalcon that’s playground level; he would have landed safely in his sleep. Third, not only did we still get the account, but he thanked me for the compliment to his virility and he asked me out.”

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