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Today I got the official confirmation on my Halloween Day release date for A Way To A Dragon's Heart. Yay! So today I bring you 13(ish) paragraphs from AWTADH, (not counting single line dialogue or short descrip as always).


“So, you like, get scaly, and big, and stuff?”

Kryssa Drake gritted her teeth and counted to five. What she wanted to do was get scaly, and big, and stuff, and eat the annoying young woman following her around the office loft, but Human Resources had warned her about doing that again. Not that she’d actually eaten the other temps, but the way that last one had hollered you’d have thought she had him half swallowed when security showed up. It’s what they got for sending irritating, yet crunchy and salty-good humans during her period. It was a conspiracy.
Firmly ignoring the too-cute, too-blond, too-perky Barbie clone, Kryssa continued the tour to the break room, explaining the shelving and territorial marking of foodstuffs. Just when she thought the dedicated over-talking of the girl had imparted a clue to the temp, it—she—took Kryssa’s arm.

“You’re like, warm and stuff.”

She gave a slow blink as she looked at the girl. Taking that extra breath before speaking, just like they’d taught in anger management, Kryssa tucked a glossy black spiral curl behind her ear and sighed.
“The air conditioner is on low, and it’s eighty-nine degrees outside, not to mention I’m Therian and run hot. What exactly is the mystery?”

The bubbly twit smiled, tilted her head, and gave an affectionate squeeze, confirming the suspicion she had indeed originated from the head cheerleading rung of hell.

“Well, the whole cold-blooded thing, silly. Dragons are reptiles, right?”

Kryssa stared at the porcelain hand on her arm. It stood out against skin the color of gingersnaps, its paleness making it seem delicate and outright fragile. With that in mind, along with a clenched jaw, mental counting exercise, and thoughts of sitting through yet another Anger Management and You course, Kryssa managed not to crush the thin wrist as she removed the offensive touch.

“Regardless of what we shift into, Therians are mammals. We’re all hot-blooded.”

And hot-tempered and just plain hot when in a thriving environment, but that was neither here or there. Kryssa needed something to calm her nerves before she forgot herself and a simple orientation became a full-blown situation. A quick rooting through the fridge produced a large tub of raw vegetables. Almost before the top was fully off, several baby carrots disappeared into her mouth.

“Ooo, you eat vegetables too?” A slow continual nodding of the head followed the question, a trait that took the temp all morning whenever something challenged her to think too hard.

Kryssa crunched louder and groaned. “We’re omnivores, you idiot.” The last two words came out a mumbled wreck that bought her a little extra time for decorum.

“Oh yeah, okay, right. So, um, just between us girls, have you ever eaten anyone, Chrissie?”

Time’s up. “No, but give me a minute.”

Big blue Bambi eyes blinked over at her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you.”

I’m not the only thing she doesn’t understand, by a long shot. “I said give me a minute. I have to take care of something.” Kryssa backed away slowly, the way you escape from a dog you think might be rabid. Or in this case, one severely mentally stunted, and therefore dangerous to your dry cleaning bill with the slobbering and the pawing. “Get familiar with the cabinets and snack machine and I’ll be back.”

Broccoli florets, raw cauliflower, and more carrots disappeared in the hundred yard dash to a neutral corner. An open concept conference room became her refuge as she ducked through the glass double doors and hopped up on the conference table. She considered the meeting going on at the time just a minor inconvenience she could generously overlook.

“Kryssa, can we help you?”

She looked to the company’s CEO and shook her head.

“Nope. I’m good. Nice suit.” She reached out and fondled the material. “Did I buy you this one?”

The handsome, regal, professional air collapsed in on itself as he looked at her. She reached up and brushed a dark lock of hair from his forehead. It was the same glossy jet black, but had the barest wave to it, unlike the tight curls pinned back off her face and spilling down her back. She couldn’t help but smile at the face, several shades lighter with its olive hue, yet otherwise incredibly similar to her own.

“Yes you did, Kryssa. Nice jeans.”

Funny, it didn’t sound like a compliment. She looked down at the black tailored jeans, matching cropped three-quarter sleeve blazer and white lace cami, unable to find anything wrong. “What? I’m still in head-to-toe Armani. Classic black and white, down to the Italian ankle boots, business casual at its finest. How can you complain, Nicky?”

Dominic Drake sat back and shook his head. “My baby sister just came in eating the equivalent of an entire salad bar and sat on my conference table to crunch her way through the middle of my business negotiations. Where should my list of complaints begin?”

That didn’t leave a lot of room to argue with him, but with family, such a thing is hardly a deterrent to trying. She popped another carrot into her mouth and looked to the oval table. “First, this is my conference table. Your conference table would be two floors above, up the hall from your office. You came to my floor, and for the next two months until my sabbatical starts and I escape this place for a while, it’ll be run my way. As Chief Liaison Officer, I like to liaise in comfort so we do things rather informal here.”

She leaned across the table, smiling at the childhood friend at its other end. “You’re going to accept the merger right, Jimmy? You always were. Your sister told me last week. This is just a bit of show in order to ensure you get the east coast offices; which, let me tell you, Nicky is completely prepared to give to you. So you all may as well take an early lunch, business done.”

Dominic stood abruptly and picked her up, carrying her from the room without another word. As distractions went, it worked, and she munched contently as he strode down the hall, giving the smallest grunt when he finally plopped her down on the receptionist desk in her outer office.

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Greetings, Kittens!

Thank you for all of the comments these last few Thursdays. I usually reply to each and every comment, even if you all don't swing back to read them, but these last few weeks have seen the "chronic" part of my chronic illness and I haven't been up to it. I'm feeling a bit better today, so hopefully that will change!

I've been asked the last two Thursdays if I was going to do another horror movie rules edition. I did two versions last year, one of horror movies rules on my blog, and one on horror movie pet peeves on a group blog. It's was great fun and everyone threw in their own rules in the comments section. I loved it and just couldn't pass up doing the theme again this year. So today I bring you a blended edition of the 13 Horror Movie Rules To Help You Survive.



13 Horror Movie Lessons ala Xakara
(In Case You Ever Find Yourself In A Horror Movie)

1. Don't Split Up: No, it won't be faster. No, you can't cover more ground that way.  Why? Because you can't move or cover ground if you're dead. If you're undead, maybe, but not dead-dead. Just stay together.

2. Evil Uses Racial Profiling: If you're the only Person of Color in the crowd of plucky, yet naughty, white folks you're going to die. Don't bother running, just turn and fight so you can go out with glory.

Exception: The Tech Guy/Occultist Chick. You've been off doing research since the middle of the second act. As long as you don't try to relay the forbidden information over the telephone while you're all alone in the middle of a storm/blackout, you'll survive to nearly die in the sequel.

3. Virginity Saves Lives: If you're the female lead and have been declared a virgin, you now possess the magical "get out of slaughter free card" and will slip the noose to fall into the male lead's arms. Unless of course he's been pressuring you for sex. In that case, he's already dead from his tryst with your slutty best friend after they went off into the woods/by the lake/[insert isolated area here], in Act I.

4. Virginity Kills: If you're anyone but the female lead and a virgin, or you are the lead but have proved to be TSTL, a major ritual sacrifice is in your future. The calvery will ultimately swoop in and prevent the apocalypse, but the virgin still dies.

5. Crows Have It Out For Us...Maybe: Whether guiding the souls of the wrongfully killed back to earth for vengence, or heralding the arrival of the Walking Dude; crows are always a danger sign. But at least they warn you with their cries, so maybe they're trying to help us. However it shakes out, where crows go, a high body count follows. That's just how they roll.

6. It's Fallen, but It Can Get Up: And it will, so don't go check for a pulse if you don't have a weapon. If you do have a weapon, aim for its head and keep shooting or swinging until there's nothing but a misty paste left. Trust me. Anything else and it's curtains for you.

7. If You Build It, It Will Eat You: Your wonderful, disease curing intentions are irrelevant. If you create a creature, especially one with human DNA, it's going to kill you. Not only is it going to kill you, it's going to kill all of your family, all of your friends, all of your collegues, and the girl that says hi to you every day in line at starbucks. However, if the two of you are spending $9 at Starbucks on a daily basis, in the middle of a recession, you both kinda have it coming. Unless of course she's made a cute joke about stimulating the economy, in that case she's totally saved.

8. Rottwielers are Evil: But only if there's a Latin choir chanting ominiously in the background. Otherwise, you're good.

9. Sleep Kills: If you're a teen or twenty-something and you either learn for the first time that a crazed, maniac killer died in your house, or you grew up with the legend of him dying in the neighborhood; on the anniversary of his birth/death/most infamous crime/[insert significant event here], you and your friends are going to die in your sleep. Insomnia is your friend.

10. Sleep Saves Lives: If you and said friends try to avoid your fates by taking caffiene IVs and going on a nodoz diet, you will inevitably collapse and some well-meaning ER attending will sedate you, spelling your doom. It's better to hit the library and check out everything you can on lucid dreaming and battling night terrors so you can learn to become a kick-ass ninja-pirate-spy when you enter REM sleep.

11. Death is Patient, but Douchey: You can avoid your lethal fate by exiting the plane/boat/car/train/other fiery death trap you were expected to be in, and live on for days or even decades. But eventually death/fate will hunt you down and kill you in the most awkward, unnecessary way just to make your obituary an embarrassment.

12. You Saw What You Saw: Your new neighbor/teacher/sheriff/authority figure/pillar of the community, really is a bloodsucking fiend or other psycho killer just like it appeared. No one will believe you. He will find out you told. MOVE.

13. Sometimes Zombies are Fast: So get the hell out of dodge...but don't split up to do it!

Happy Halloween Season, Kittens!

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Greetings, Kittens!

Happy National Breast Health Month! Yes, I know that's not what it's called, but as I've mentioned before, I would rather the focus be on working towards health, rather than fighting against disease. For today's TT I once again offer 13 Ways To Keep Breasts Healthy Right At The Grocery Store. 


13 Foods For Breast Health 

1. Whole-grain carbs like Oat Bran cereal add insoluble fiber that absorbs excess estrogen and carries it out of the body.

2. Half a grapefruit has vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid believed to sweep carcinogens out of the body.

3. Papaya has vitamin C that works as an antioxidant and may reduce absorption of nitrosamines from the soil or processed foods. It also contains folic acid which is shown to minimize cervical dysplasia and prevent neural tube defects.

4. Raspberries contain vitamins, minerals, plant compounds and antioxidants known as anthocyanins that act as a protectorant.

Lunch & Dinner
5. Beans are a great source of fiber and phytonutrients and can be easily added to pasta, soups and salads that could contain...

6. Spinach with its two antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin.

7. Mushrooms such as shiitake and maitake among others contain the protein lectin which attacks unhealthy celss and prevents them from multiplying.

8. Broccoli contain indole-3-carbinol and the sprouts have phytochemical sulforaphane. If you don't like it plain, a serving of low fat melted cheese can make it into a treat. But a better dressing could be made with...

9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a great source of monounsaturated fats that have been linked to keeping breast healthy. Garnish with...

10. Nuts containing the antioxidants quercetin and campferol that suppress unhealthy growths. Brazil nuts contain 80 micrograms of selenium that also protects the prostate.

11. Flax, which works both sprinkled over cereal and salads, contains lignans which may have an antioxidant effect and block or suppress cancerous changes. It's high in omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart and colon as well.

12. Turmeric can season quite well, a little going a long way. A member of the ginger family, Tumeric is sites as an aromatase inhibitor which lowers estrogen in post-menopausal women. It also decreases inflammation.

13. Red Grape Juice contains bioflavonoids and polyphenols which helps neutralize free radicals.

Detailed List from  ABC News

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Just dropping in to let you know I'm a guest at Gabriella Hewitt's today with the post Bi Any Other Name, a discussion on Pansexuality and similar terminology. Come on by and share a bit. I may have also forgotten to mention the Crush of the Week Anna Torv at Erotic Diaries on Friday and Writing From the Middle: Screw the Norm at QMO on Saturday, so by all means come by those as well!


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I haven't really slept in a few days, so I'm not going to subject you all to an attempt to be coherent. Instead I shall dazzle you with visuals on, what else, Thursday 13. Here are 13 Thursday Thirteen Banners. Please pardon any blurring from scaling them to the same width. :)















Update: Sorry, I wasn't clear above, yes, I made all of these. I prefer the banners to reflect or compliment the content. Or like the Sam one at the beginning,  I make them just to make me laugh. :)

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I'm got a Menage Monday post this week at Taboo Indeed. Writing From the Middle ~ Menage on Film which yields a lovely little chat on the movie Threesome. Swing by and weigh in on the menages you love and the ones you want to see more of in the near future.


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Welcome back, always glad to hear from you! This picks up within the same conversation between Kryssa and her brother Dominic.



“I know that, and you don’t have to mentally measure me for a coffin, Krys, I’m not talking about a relationship, I just think you need another focus. What about Xander? He seems great from everything you say. When’s the last time you had sex anyway?”

Kryssa slid back on the desk and folded her legs tailor fashion, “Don’t bring this down to sex and stress relief, Nicky; I could sleep with the entire Human Resources department and that girl would still be only slightly smarter than a bag of hammers. Why are you making this about me?”

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Happy Banned Book Week! In celebration of the freedom to read what we will and as a minor stride in the fight against censorship, here are 13 Books that were Challenged or Banned in 2010-2011. They are in no particular order, and since I assume there will be other lists, I have skipped about the listing to choose my 13. A book's presence on this list is not an endorsement, as I may or may not have read or liked them. The point is that it's your right and that of everyone to read them if you choose.


1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

2. Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

3. Betrayed by Kristen Cast and P.C. Cast

4. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher

5. Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

6. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich

7. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

8. What's Happening to My Body: Book for Boys by Lynda Madaras

9. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

10. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

11. Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology edited by Amy Sonnie

12. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

13. The Koran (Yes, it pains me to use a wiki link for a people's holy book, but I know you all take wiki with a grain of salt, so here you are.)

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For a larger list check the American Library Association

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My bi-monthly Wednesday Ramble is up at SS&S. I'm talking about sexy supernatural creatures and the shows that use them to pull us in. Have a look and talk about your favorite shows, characters and creatures!

Wednesday Ramble ~ Sexy Supernaturals


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Greetings, Kittens!

Welcome back and thank you for coming by each week. Today I offer more of A Way To A Dragon's Heart. I'm so excited for the release next month that I can't focus on another story yet, so I'm thrilled that you all seem to love Kryssa as much as I do. This picks up just  a bit after last week and you can read all of the offers so far HERE. For reference, this is Kryssa speaking with her brother Dominic.



“She touched me to check if I was warm-blooded, and you and I both know, I’m going to be checking her blood if she touches me again.”

Dominic ran his hand over his face. “At least you haven’t thrown her out of a window like the last time someone touched you.”

Kryssa’s jaw dropped, “First of all, as an Avian, he should have known better. Second, we were only twenty stories up, for a WereFalcon that’s playground level; he would have landed safely in his sleep. Third, not only did we still get the account, but he thanked me for the compliment to his virility and he asked me out.”

Other Six Sentence Sunday Offerings

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm guest today at Lex Cade's talking a little bit about my writing process. Come and take a look and share a little about your writing process or what you thinking about the process as a reader!

Buried Treasure...



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This week finds me fitness minded after several conversations on the topic, with more to come. When I say fit, I don't mean simply being thin. I'm talking about having stamina, endurance, flexibility, strength and healthy organ, muscle and adrenal function. Regular exercise, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and proper hydration all lead to this, but you get healthy and fit, long before you get thin, so focus on the right numbers that nothing to do with the scale. Here are a few of my favorite fitness gadgets and gizmos.



1. Pedometers: This is the number one go-to gadget out there. It's small, simple to use, inexpensive to own, and immediate feedback on your activity for the day. There is absolutely nothing else out there that beats the sheer accessibility of using a pedometer daily and building your steps.

2. Stationary Bike: Whether upright or recumbant, stationary bikes allow for intense cardio that doesn't require you to be able to stand for extended periods of time. It also saves stress on your knees and back. Recumbant bikes are especially good for back issues, but they do cause you to lose a slight bit of pedaling intensity with change in angle to compensate for that.

3. Elliptical: Gentle on joints and able to mimic running for knees that will never do so, ellipticals are a dream machine when properly adjusted to height and stride. Unless you're following a pre-programmed routine, intensity can lag, but like anything, you get out what you put in.

4. Treadmill: Adjustable treadmills are fabulous. I have shin issues that keep me off of them for now, but there is nothing like an inclined treadmill for the back of the thighs and the glutes. Interesting fact that anyone who's been on a treadmill can relate to: they were original built for prisoners as a punishment. *grin*

5. Balance Ball: I swear by my balance ball. It improves posture, works the core through simply active sitting, and supports the back during strength training and crunches. It also allows for several modifications to exercises like lunges, squats and planks to make them via to a larger audience.

6. Free Weights: I don't have any right now, they were left behind when we moved, but I love dumbbells. There's something real and solid about having a weight in your hand and seeing the number get larger as you get stronger. No amount of color coding or cord numbering with machines can replace the sense of accomplishment of working with real weights.

7. Weight Lifting Gloves: Yes, even with your tiny 5lb weights, a good pair of gloves is the difference between calloused, sore hands, and hands that are supported during your workout. Lightly padded gloves are great to keep you from gripping the weight too tightly.

8. Door Gyms: Sometimes real weights aren't an option due to safety issues or convenience. Adjustable door gyms can take you all the places that a set of weights can and they can do it anywhere you have a standard door. They have the smoothness of machines with the portability of fitness bands.

9. Heart Rate Monitor: These come in all makes and models and you can benefit from even the simplest design. Not only does it allow you to gauge your intensity, but it is a direct measure of your fitness improvement as well. From your resting heart rate, to your 80% max, a good HRM can guide you on your fitness path like little else.

10. A Bodyfat Scale:  If you're going to get caught up in the numbers, then have all the numbers. Bf scales aren't as accurate as going to the doctor or a fitness center, but with a good scale, the numbers will be consistant and you can monitor changes in body composition that aren't going to show up on a regular scale.

11. Pilates Equipment: Pilates is a great way to stretch, build strength and work the core, all in a gentle, but continuous routine. Mat pilates is great, but eventually you'll need some sort of resistance equipment to keep pilates challenging. These are as simple as cords, similar to powerbands, or as complicated as dedicated pilates machines that take up an entire room. I suggest the Pilates Power Gym or something similiar. It's like a mini version of the Total Gym, but constructed with pilates in mind. It takes up little room and allows for marked progression in strength and flexibility.

12. DVD Routines: I prefer to workout at home and dvds offer a wide variety of options from walking routines, to bellydancing, to Tai Chi, to Tae Bo. You can walk, kick, punch and shimmy your way to great health, all in the privacy of your own home.

13. Great Shoes: I'm a New Balance girl myself and I hear wonderful things about Ryka, but any brand that gives you proper support and won't break your budget is a good choice. That said, make sure to expand your budget as much as you can, proper shoes are an investment that will keep you from spending even more to rehab an injury.

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Greetings, Kittens!

We're back to A Way To A Dragon's Heart today. I loved last week's 6SS, but I couldn't find a snippet I liked that wasn't a spoiler for the first two books, maybe next week. :)

Previous offerings from this story are HERE and thanks for coming by, as always! You all lift my day more than you know.



“Where’s your assistant?”

“She’s on maternity leave, remember,” Kryssa muttered around the mouthful of vegetables.

She watched Dominic look around the office like he expected the object of his question to materialize out of nowhere. “Where’s the temp they sent over this morning? Tell me now if we need someone from Clinic to come up.”

“No, we don’t need medical personnel," she grinned, "I left her in the break room and by now, she’s probably trying to figure out if the screen on the microwave gets cable.”

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I've been remiss in posting here when I have features up elsewhere, but I'm trying. It's all about the baby steps *wink*

Today is Crush of the Week at Erotic Diaries and in honor of its 7th seaons, (as well as inspiration from This Post), this week's crush is Jensen Ackles! The Supernatural returns for a 7th season on Friday, September 23rd at 8pm Central. Swing by and weigh in. For now, here's a peek!



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I still haven't managed to restructure my days enough to visit all of you during the rest of the week like I want to. Today, I thought I'd share my week with you since we got the chance to hang out last Thursday. So here you are, 13 Things from My Week!



1. (Friday) Crush of the Week ~ Lena Headey @ Erotic Diaries.  Crush of the Week is a regular feature at Erotic Diaries, where I've been alternating actors and actresses who supportive of social issues, body positive, sex-positive, and so far, who bring genre television and movies to new heights.

2. (Saturday) Writing From the Middle: The Pansexual's Delimma ~ Accuracy vs. Visibility @ QMO.  Writing From the Middle is a recurring feature currently seen three times a month, once at QMO and twice for Menage Mondays at Michael Mandrake's.

3. (Sunday) Six Sentence Sunday #11 Saint Valentine.  This is the first snippet shared from Saint Valentine for Six Sentence Sunday. It went over very well and I'm excited to share more from it at future dates.

4. (Monday) Launch of Silken Sheets & Seduction.  This is a brand new erotic authors site and there's a huge giveaway of over 75 ebooks, gift cards, and a Kindle! Please stop by and get your name in the running. Winners will be announced October 1st.

5. (Wednesday) Wednesday Ramble ~ What is Sexy? @ Silken Sheets & Seduction.  Wednesday Ramble is a brand new bi-monthly feature at Silken Sheets & Seductions. It brings my total to 5 other blogs you can find me on monthly, consisting of 10 posts a month--before any other random invites. Yep, I'm being social! :) I'd love for you all to come and weigh-in on the posts!

6. I got a job interview.  Well, I got scheduled for a job interview. I'm waiting to hear back on the hard date and time. It's the first interview for me since I was laid off in February, 2010. I'll let you know the outcome next Thursday. 

7. I decided to take a vacation from writing.  Not that I've been getting an abundance of writing done while sick, but once my current projects are wrapped up, I'm putting everything else on hold until January. I'm also limiting myself to four projects for 2012. Let's see how that turns out.

8. I caught up on Sons of Anarchy.  I still don't know how I feel about this show. I love Jax and Opie, but I'm used to being endeared to each individual in an ensemble cast and there are some characters in this show that I just want to see die! It's an odd place to be in, some three seasons in. It proves I love my husband-like-person! I watched only because he puppy-dogged me into it, and now I'm committed and conflicted.

9. Started a 1000 mile journey.  Well, I started it before this last week, but this week is the first where I've made daily progress. My health and energy have been very poor, and in building back, focusing on the next 1000 miles seemed a fitting goal. I'm using a recumbant stationary bike and a pedometer to count my miles, but the pedometer has gone MIA, so I'll be estimating errands as a single mile until I get a new one.

10. I set a year health goal.  I can't undo the CFS, nor can I force it into an upcycle. I can make significant health strides and regain where I was three years ago. That's what this year will be about.

11. I realized I was depressed.  This sucks, but at least I know for sure that it's part of the problem and can deal with it. It was difficult to separate from the insomnia and blood sugar instabilities, but now I know and will go from there.

12. I was bombarded by four story ideas.  None of which are on the list for the projects I'm working on next year. *headshake* If I slept like normal people, this wouldn't happen to me. Ah well.

13. I watched three of the first offerings of this new fall season.  I'm reserving judgement.

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Greetings, Kittens!

The Mega-giveaway is still going on at Silken Sheets and Seductions and my introductory post is up today. Wednesday Ramble will be a regular feature--and oh the fun we shall have!

Stop by to weigh in and keep at that chance to win ebooks, gift cards and a Kindle!

Good Luck!



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Greetings, Kittens!

Come and join me for the launch of Silken Sheets & Seduction! Check out our giveaway for the incredible number of books and the grand prize Kindle offering!

For our introduction, the eight of us will explore what sexy means to us. So come by and weigh in to win.

Good Luck!


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Somber Greetings, Kittens!

In light of the day, I've moved from my more comedic offerings from A Way To A Dragon's Heart and back to my PsiCorps series. This is PsiCorps #3, tentatively titled Saint Valentine.


“I don’t care,” she interrupted. “I cared when you came in, but we’ve passed that point, so let me tell you my name instead. I’m Agent Riley Valin, but there are quite a few that use Kali Valin, I’m open to both; either way, you need to go and say those names to someone who’s been in the building more than two minutes. Otherwise you need to rapidly experience the good fortune of spinning the wheel and buying a clue, so you know where you stand in this situation.”

"So what, you’re The Doctor in this situation?” he laughed.

Riley smiled, “My inner geek loves you just a little bit for that fandom reference, but my outer bitch is about to hurt your sense of self-esteem.”

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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm experiencing a bit of melancholy right now, so I'm using my favorite mood booster--music. Don't try to find any rhyme or reason to the song mixture, just take in the variety. *grin* Here are 13 Random Songs from my many playlists*.



1. Find A Way ~ by SafetySuit

2. Everything ~ by Lifehouse

3. You Could Be Happy ~ by Snow Patrol

4. St. Lawrence River ~ by David Usher

5. Comin' Home ~ by City and Colour

6. Get Stoned ~ by Hinder

7. Protect Me From What I Want ~ by Placebo

8. Words I Couldn't Say ~ by Rascal Flatts

9. Wreck of the Day ~ by Anna Nalick

10. Love the Way You Lie ~ by Eminem featuring Rihanna

11. Love the Way You Lie pt II ~ by Rihanna featuring Eminem

12. I Gave You All ~ by Mumford and Sons

13. 9 Crimes ~ by Damien Rice

*The links supplied are to neutral vids containing the lyrics to the songs. They are not the vids from my youtube playlists. Those are primarily Supernatural fanvids and likely only of interest to me.

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Greetings, Kittens!

Happy September! Today I'm focused on all of the things I need to get done during this brand new shiny month. Due to the long illness of August, I'm far behind, so I might share the second part of the list next week as well. For now here are 13 Things to Do in September.



1. Finish Saint Valentine ~ Originally I wanted a chance to get this out and into the world for Christmas, but as I wrote I realized it was more properly set around Valentine's Day. I wanted to send it in by the September 5th deadline, but I was too run down the last three weeks. Instead I'm aiming for September 15th and will pitch it as a single title.

2. Revise BloodSprite ~ I have two separate publishers interested in two different revisions, so I had to put this off until I could dedicate my full attention and energy and this month will be part of that.

3. Revise Ronin StillSkin ~ This is only hours from being done. I just need to do a readthru and send it out the door.

4. Schedule the next 18 months ~ Yes, I do my writing schedules 18 months in advance. It helps me to prioritize plot bunnies so everything can get its moment in the sun.

5. Get Well ~ I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can't magically cure the CFS, but I finally have enough energy to do the work that will get me back to median. I've been able to ride the stationary bike a bit and I just want to increase that bit by bit until I build back enough strength and stamina that I can push through the exhaustion like I used to.

6. Settle the Job Question ~ Perhaps I can't control who will call in this economy, but I can change my mindset and narrow the field to those jobs that would be a benefit to our situation rather than cast so widely that I end up facing something that could be a detriment.

7. Settle the bills ~ Let's leave that as is.

8. Prioritze my obligations ~ I took on quite a few things in July and there are still a few things sneaking up for more of my attention. I like all of the things I'm a part of, and I'm excited about my release in October and the inevitable uptick in obligations. That said, I need to figure out which ones are mandatory and which are negotiable. Some weekly appearances may need to become bi-monthly.

9. Volunteer ~ I don't know where, how often, or even how practical this is, but I want to do it.

10. Network ~ I think I've done well with this, but I have several things I want more information and insight on, and I want it from the personal experiences of people, so I need to find more people to share content.

11. Choose my promo ~ This ties into prioritizing my obligations. I need to choose specific promotional options for my next release that can be done around any lingering illness and any change in schedule brought on by working outside the home.

12. Sleep ~ It may not always be restorative, but it needs to be there regardless and it's been slipping away. I've got to fight my way back to it, even if it means meds for a few weeks. Sigh.

13. Experience a windfall ~ This solves so many things that it deserves to be on every list. Wish me luck! *grin*

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