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Hello Lovelies, 

I bid you all to get on over to Dreamtime Journal for this Saturday's Author Spotlight. It's LJ's very own [profile] frost_lightor as her soon to be adoring throng will refer to her, Ms. Jeaniene Frost. Her novel HALWAY TO THE GRAVE will be on your bookstore shelves Tuesday October 30th. 

Run off and learn about Jeaniene, her wonderful book, and the way a writer's mind works. Ask your questions, leave your comments of encouragement and in general hang out and have a time. 

If you need more encouragment here's an excerpt to let you know what you're missing. 

See you all there. 

Interview Pimpage Ramble Done

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 Through the magic of technology I'm doing a bit of pimpage and I'm not even home. :)

I'm featured in today's Author Spotlight over at Dreamtime

If you're new to the blog and haven't read the archives, now's the chance to ask any questions you might have. Also, if you're just one of my buddies and want me to feel loved,  drop a comment or two and let [personal profile] moondancerdrakeknow it was worth the trouble to feature this newbie. :)

I'll be back home at 5 central and as always will respond to every comment. 

Virtual cookies  and chocolate to all who come. 

Pimpage Ramble Done

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I have about seven different things I want to say but I just got home and need to leave again for food, so for now I'll pick a topic that directs you elsewhere. Head over to the Author Spotlight.

Promo/Pimpage Ramble Done


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