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Greetings, Kittens!

I'm at Beyond the Veil today, wrapping up our month long character theme: Characters Welcome ~ The Characters We Love or Love to Hate and introducing our television them: Tune In, Turn On and Drop By ~ From Current Guilty Pleasures to Classic Television We Grew Up On (and everything in between).

Come on by and join in as I talk about ensemble cast and touch on Numb3rs and Criminal Minds in Art of the Ensemble!


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Morning Kittens, 

I'm feeling rather rambly today so in case there is more that wishes to wander through my mind and onto LJ today, I thought I'd get the guest blog info out of the way early. 

It's that time of the month again, yes Lovelies, I'm at Beyond the Veil today. I'm speaking on the dreaded curse of networks cancelling our favorite shows just as we get attached to them, and who web veiwing and direct downloads could change the future of how advertisers target their desired demographic. Swing on by and join in with your favorite shows that have been lost and the ones you hope endure for seasons to come. 

For now, I'm off to get some sleep (mmm...third shift living). 

BtV Ramble Done (And hopefully more to come as I haven't been sufficiently rambly in ages)


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 You missed my redirect post didn't you? They're like friendly highway signs as you drove about the blogsphere. So to bring you back to that experience, I redirect you to Beyond the Veil today. 

It's a comparison of female cycles and werewolves. A short one considering how rambley I feel right now. So rambley that I am in fact, cutting this here to let you go read and deposit your $0.02 while I go clean up a bit around here and get some laundry done before I distract myself. 

Happy Monday Everyone. 

Redirect Ramble Done

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Hello Lovelies, 

No, it's not a Sunday and yet I am at Beyond The Veil today. We have new members and have gone to once a month post with floating days at will. Today I was scheduled and found out something interesting in how I'm viewing my upcoming release. Swing on by and take a look when you get a moment. Leave a message and let me know what you think. 

Now I'm off to bed to touch that realm from which the stories flow and which has been calling to me more intensely these last days. Having had sleep issues in the past, this current wooing by Hypnos and the resultant dreams are interesting to say the least. *Grin*

A happy Monday to all. Mayhaps I'll return to ramble on again once I've slept. If nothing else, I owe Darla (hey sweets) a meme. For now...

BtV Ramble Done. 


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 This whole blogging every day thing is a lot more than it seemed when I agreed. Yet, I shall persevere. Today is easy though, as I'll be redirecting you to Beyond the Veil

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It was my turn to post at Beyond the Veil again today and I came through--that's what I do. I show up when I'm expected to and I push ahead even when I don't feel like it because other people are relying on me. It's how I was raised... 

This sounds like the introduction to a rant on someone else not doing what they were relied on to do and the mess left for me to clean up, doesn't it? Yeah, that's because it is and I'm stopping here rather than give in. 

Visit BtV and weigh in on your take on whatever it was I said. I'm tired and don't remember just now. For the first time since starting there I just rambled in the body of the post rather than pre-writing and pasting. I could have said anything at this point and wouldn't be entirely sure of it beyond knowing I spoke to new years resolutions and moving beyond the wishing and hoping and ordinary to the decisions and plans and extraordinary inside. After that, your guess is as good as mine.

I gotta head off to sleep so that I can make it to work later. 

Btv Ramble/Rambly Ramble Done

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I'm fortunate in that the voices in my head only do things by committee. It's not the loudest voice that wins but the majority that rules, so I'm still safely proceeding forward with my life rather than radically overhauling it and leaving behind much of what I've come to love.

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Hello Lovelies, 

My short story NEVER TOO LATE is now available as part of the DunVegas free download at Beyond the Veil. So go and check it out and get a taste for more of my writing and those of my friends. 

There's humor, mystery, sex and drama, all with a paranormal touch. What more can you ask for? 

Make sure to let me know what you think. You can email me at the info provided with the download, at my LJ email, or you can come to my journal page and comment to any entry of the topic of writing.

Free Download Ramble Done


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Hello All, 

I know that I was going to dive back into character crushes today but work smacked me about thoroughly last night and I am on my way there again, so no leisurely rambling crush talks from me until Monday at this rate. I did however have to get out at least one ramble through a beloved obligation and have written up my Beyond The Veil post for Sunday. It's on what draws us to vampiric sex and what it has represented over the years. 

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Happy Mabon, Blessed Equinox and Merry Cornucopia as appropriate.

I'm over at Beyond the Veil today with a short piece on Cornucopia and would love for you guys to drop on by and share you own feelings on the equinox and fall season as they appeal to you. 

Beyond the Veil Ramble Done


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 Hello My Lovelies, 

Thank all of you who checked and commented back to me about the website. And thank those of you who checked but as lurkers didn't chime in as well...that would make you no longer lurkers. :)

If you checked the News section you saw that I was blogging today at Beyond the Veil. It's a paranormal romance/fiction (as I'm not sure every story written by the authors there has the HEA to qualify as romance) group blog I'll be rambling at twice a month on alternating Sundays. 

Swing by and let me know what you think on my take on Paranormal Romantica and why we read it.  

You don't need a blogger account to comment. Just pick other and put in your name. If you have a website or want to direct folks to your LJ, put that in the  website box most assuredly. Otherwise leave it blank and just chime in with what you feel. Let me know if I rambled well over there. :)

Other blog ramble done


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