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28 Days of Blogging...

Okay, so I eased back into being social online through Facebook and have been challenged by a friend there to get back into LiveJournal. And trust me, I miss everyone here. I just don't have anything that takes more room than an update box to share. :)

Like most of you I spend all of my time at work, since the calls I relay are all confidental the bulk of my day  is a bunch of things I can't blog about or even vaguely hint at. It limits the amount of my daily musings since I can't share the context in which they make sense.

So I'm amending the challenge to 4 Days of Blogging. Or I suppose it's weekling blogging, once I get back into the habit of rambling who knows what might flow? I don't want to get into four in one week and just be done for the month. I miss it here and it's time to get back into the habit.

So, rambly tidbit of the day: I FINISHED ON TIME! I had 72  hours to reconstruct a 25k manuscript that was due today (all because of an unfortunate incident to which we will never refer again) and I made it with 19hrs and 901 words to spare. I have a headache that won't quit, my legs feel funny and I'm sure my bloodsugar bottomed out since I've felt faint several times all day; but I haven't stopped smiling since 5am when I turned it in. :)

So, that's all the news that's fit to print and I have work tomorrow. Time to sign off and see what February brings.

 Nighty, night Kittens.

:Ramble Done


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I can't believe I forgot to post last week. I was doing so well too. 

I guess I post so many places that here and Myspace just got neglected in favor of my health ramblings. I haven't wanted to turn this into an exercise blog but that's what's been primarily on my mind as I try NOT to focus on writing. Okay, that's not very accurate, I've been focused on writing working out plots at my writing site and such. I've been trying not to focus on publishing. 

I sent off queries almost three weeks ago and then sent off a partial from that last week and now need to forget about it and move on. Considering I have some rather nifty things to move onto, that in and of itself is not a hardship, my head is full of idea. Those ideas are just finding it hard to make their way to my hands and out onto paper of the wood or digital kind. 

I write, I think of the novel, I think of the partial, I think of the possible outcome...

So I've been workout focused instead. My times have gotten increasingly better and I've increased my base speed by a mile and shaved minutes 4 minutes and 20 seconds off my 2 mile time on the glider which is great. My calories have been wonderful if a little low a few days in a row. And although I'm not sleeping significantly better, I'm functioning a hell of alot better on what little sleep I am getting. So a big yay on all that. 

However, I'm not getting enough water and that's causing all sorts of scale fluxes that are keeping evidence of my hard work from me. Fortunately the scale is not my only means of feedback so I'm not totally pouty. But I am pouty all the same. I seemed like I was taking in plenty of liquid but when I moved to a measured container I found it wasn't nearly what I thought it was. That depressed me cuz now I have to spend the next few weeks getting that straight to finally see progress again. Of course I'm not really depressed about that (well, yeah, I am, but work with me), I'm depressed at not being able to write without driving myself crazy. 

So what solution did I come up with? Ignoring it. It works for my main character so I'll give denial a try and see how it works out. 

I created a writing schedule for this week and will just pretend it's not reminding me of the queries and partial until I've written enough that I'm sucked into the story and it becomes truth. Nothing like denial to get you through. 

Right now however I'm going to deny I'm procrastinating on today's writing by loading a new mood theme and perhaps banging out a plot or two for Darkness Reigns. 

Upside for when I finally get around to writing? More rambles for your enjoyment here of course. Yes, yes, I plan to dive into word counts and other such minutiae of writing once more for your reading pleasure, with the occassional rant and human interests piece just to round things out. 

What? Yes, you in the back. Stop mumbling I can't understand you. What was that? Oh, yes, yes, of course, I'll be complaining about taking on too many writing projects and trying to meet open submission deadlines again. I didn't know that was your favorite part. How cute. I in fact have a 30,000 words due by August 1st so you can be certain to have details on that looming deadline to tickle your fancy. I'll also be writing book two, editing book one, and doing plots at my Darkness Reigns so you can believe there will be much stress over.

Yes, I can't wait either. 

Now to delay just enough to build suspense over whether or not I make today's page goal. 

Ramble done kiddies.

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Due to very practical reasons, some of the bloggers I read have disabled anonymous comments. With a new gmail account, I figured it was time to finally give in and create a Blogger id so I could keep up.

The original premise had been to create the profile, put in the link to either MySpace or LJ and then live it be when I didn't have to a comment to post. Well, best laid plans, right? It had that "new blog smell" on it and I couldn't resist. I transfered my old entries from MySpace and started yet a third incarnation of StoryWeaver's Web on Blogger.

I read agents, editors, and writers who chronicle their lives in publishing in all three blog formats and although it's just one more thing to do, being available on all three formats to be read in turn seems fair. 

(Yes, I'm rationalizing my OCD, but it's my blog and I'm allowed.) 


Creating the Blogger profile and transfering the files was also a stalling/distration tactic from the heart of today's issue. 

The March 2nd open call deadline was plagued with issue. 

I didn't find out about it until Feb.11th and already had something due Feb. 21st. I got that one done only to have some comp issue leave me writing longhand with only four or five days before the deadline. Still determined to try, I transcribed everything the moment I could get back into ms word. The ticking clock lead to a marathon session of twenty-two hours trying to finish before the deadline closed today.

It's a good story. It's also five thousand words short. I could expand it, and incorporate an entire subplot worth at least another 10k wds. I just couldn't do it on three hours of sleep over two days with only four hours to go before the deadline. No doubt I could have padded it with gibberish and sex, but it wouldn't have been my best effort and I couldn't turn that in.

Downside: I won't make the deadline and in doing so have likely given up the opportunity to see my work published this year.

Upside: It's a good story. One that could grow to become an even better story. If I hadn't reached for the deadline, it's a story that wouldn't have been told and a part of the larger world it's set in wouldn't have been explored.

I also have a "Stock Story" now. One I can place in the literary larder and rework if another last minute deadline finds me or someone somewhere is looking for a good shifter piece.

Uber Upside: Having already sold a short story in the same world, once I've reworked and polished the novella, I can still submit it for a future anthology. It was also a good exercise to prepare me for another March deadline I'll start on Monday after some good sleep.

For my four readers out there, I'll keep you updated on how it all turns out. Time to go and count my blessings and try for more sleep.

Ramble Done,


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