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The icon says it all. But I'll get back to that in a second...

Despite reassurances to the contrary, and a passing resemblance to (alleged) relatives, I'm left to wonder sometimes if I'm adopted. I just lack certain things in common with my family that leave me guessing. For instance, I lack the holiday tradition gene.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and we have turkey breasts and mashed potatoes and such waiting to be thrown on a plate with words of thanks said over them. That's nice. It's just not me. I could have been happy with pizza and gone on my merry way without another thought. It's about being thankful and sharing food, the idea that it needs to be certain foods for a certain day just doesn't sit well with me. If it's a Tuesday in July and one of us wants turkey, we have turkey without another thought. So that this one day in November demands it...well, I'm going with the flow.

Perhaps if I was back home I'd feel different. I always enjoyed the time at my families and the food was a part of that. I just think it was a secondary part to the point where I could substitute anything and have the same feeling if we were all together. Not that it's a bad thing, it's how it should be, right? But traditions have their place and I wonder if I should put some into play that do say "holiday" to me each and every year. Hmm...

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My mom got to go home tonight. She's doing very well, but will have to be in physical therapy for while to regain usable strength in her right side.

It turns out that the "stroke like symptoms" were in fact a mid-brain stroke. Those are rare which is why they thought it was merely a diabetic complication mimicking a stroke. She was very lucky in that she has full cognative ability and is moving quite well just some ten days later. I can only hope she takes this luck to heart and manages her health rather than ignoring the condition as if it just magically goes away if you wait long enough.

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Aug. 19th, 2007 11:33 pm
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Thank all that is holy, the edits are done!

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It's fun again. I'm no longer struggling through the edits. 

I got to today's chapters and was pulled in and interested in what was going on rather than worrying about the bit in the first chapters I've decided to change. 


What? What am I doing here posting if I'm having so much fun editing? I'm figuring out what's for dinner, silly. What else would I be doing?

I'm thinking cheese omelets with hashbrowns or French toast. It's hard to decide at this point. Maybe I should do another chapter first and then go from there. But first, virtual treat.

I'm 70 pages into the 100 I wanted to do today so: 

*Page Count Cookie*

Alrighty, I'm off. 

This ramble was brought to you by the letter C. 

Ramble Done

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I should be editing...

I should even be enjoying editing...

I've done everything but clean in order to avoid editing...

I don't know why. I was happy when I got up today because I figured out a way to fix an issue I was having at the beginning of the book. I was also happy because I'm at the last half of the book which I really like because you've come to better understand the players and their interactions. 

Yet here I sit. 

Not a single chapter done. 

Burnout? Too many pain meds?  What happened?


Maybe I'm only now waking up.

Off to read. 

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I was so tired I nearly cried today. The body can only take so much and I think mine has taken all that it can. But the day wasn't a total disaster. I got a major section revised today. Unfortunately it wasn't in sequential order and my cps will have to wait until I'm lucid enough tomorrow to go back and do the next sections they're waiting to read. I'll get it all straight by tomorrow night. 

I'm rather surprised by the revisions so far. It seemed like a great deal to be done when it was all in my head, but when I got to the actual chapters very little changed. The one problem I came across so far is that I added a good bit of material. Part of my point had been to try to cut about twenty pages if possible. Now I'm a wee bit wonderous of if the plan is going to backfire. I'm not outright panicked yet though. I mean come on, I haven't had enough sleep to be able to safely operate a remote control, I'm in no shape to judge how the edits are going. It's more of an observation right now. 

One thing that stood out? Dialogue tags. Or lack thereof. I apparently have misplaced them and no one who has read it to date has pointed that out save one person. Don't know what I'm going to do about it though until I sleep and can read it all again. I guess it was clear to me who was speaking so it never stood out that the tags were sparse and outright absent in places. Ah, well, if tags and commas are my worse issues, I have no complaints. 

I'll get to become more intimately acquainted with my writing quirks come November when I start edits on the novellas. I'm thrilled to have a time frame in mind now to work with. it happens to fall perfectly into my 13 Week stint of goal oriented goodness no less which lets me know the universe loves me. *dimpled smile* 

I have three months to finish book two (no sweat), get a good bead on uber-cool-new-book, and finish at least one of the two short stories on my goal board before I have to buckle down for edits. In my current punch-drunk tired frame of mind it seems like a lot to take one, and like a highly doable list all in one. There is something to be said for the zen calm of exhaustion.

What was that in back? Speak up sweetheart, I can't understand you when you mumble. What? Why I am here rambling instead of in bed already? Valid question, luv. Well, I wasn't as active as I would have liked and am behind in my steps goal, so I figured I can walk in place to music and type up the blog I said I'd do today. Multitasking at it's finest. So, let's get back to the ramble shall we?

In the same correspondence that let me know my edits were coming up, my editor also weighed in on the name game as I'd asked her too. After much deliberation it has been decided that I'm going to use -- hold on, phone....

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I'm having a genuine fun with the revisions. It's odd and scary and rather nice not to be stressed about it. Of course, who knows how the "awake version" of me will feel. I'm looking forward to finding out. 

What's that? You're mumbling again. Ah, well, whatever it is we'll cover it another time. I have reached my step goal and really much begin pursuing sleep. So that's all for tonight. 

Ramble Done, Kittens. 


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