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Morning Lovelies, 

I just can't get enough of redirecting you to other wondeful places. Today I'm sending you off to blog of supernatural fiction writer Rose Marie Wolf. I'm hanging at her place and talking about keeping track of things. Yes, folks I brought up the Taskmaster Calendar O' Doom. Head on over and give you best ways of staying on track and getting things done, be it writing deadlines or your kids soccer practice. Rose would love to have you explore (and I'd love for her to have me back so show her I'm worth keeping around. *Grin*)

For now, this vampire shift worker is off to bed. 

Guest Blog Ramble Done

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 Hello Lovelies, 

It's been a while since I've sent you off into the blogsphere to read me behaving myself elsewhere, but today is the day. I'm guest blogging over at the luscious Midnight Moon Cafe. Yes, that little link that's been on the side of my page all this time flirting for your attention, that's it.

Go on over and weigh-in on your favorite type of relationships in romance and fiction with romantic elements. And let me know what you think about my favorite that I spoke to there. Also, read the post below mine, it talks about my upcoming interview there on Thursday and how you can win a copy of SHIFTING PASSIONS

Now off with you My Beautiful Friends. The women at Midnight Moon Cafe were wonderful enough to let me get my ramble on over there as their very first guest blogger. Go show MMC some love.

Redirect Ramble Done. 


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