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Greetings, Kittens!

Let's kick of today's installment with a little background. There are many things that can land someone here as Crush of the Week material. Some are actor crushes, built through interviews and convention appearances and a consistant demonstration of being a great person who stands for something. Others capture my affections for the characters they play, the stories they tell and the worlds they make me believe in. Of course it is a fine day when someone is both, but there is a third category, those who are the best of the best in my affections and they are the Fantasy Cast. Every writer has them, those people that embody a character physically, emotionally or spiritually that you'd either want to see play your character on screen, or that got you through writing by being featured in the movie in your head.

I'm guilty of Hollywood casting at times in that the character I describe on the page and the character I see in my head when I picture the scene aren't the same. Most of the time this is because the written character's description is important but I have no visual equivalent and, yet, I can easily see certain actors or models together in my head and can't shake it loose, so I go with it. This happened with Ghost of Christmas Past. It plays out in my head with entirely different people of different body types than Quintus and Sky, so I can't share them with you to avoid confusion. But the one person I can give you is the physical inspiration for Torrin St. James.

Who is it that captures the six-and-a-half foot, doe-eyed, broad shouldered, wounded puppy of "baby sasquatch" proportions? Yes, Kittens, that's right; this Friday's Crush of the Week is Jared Padalecki.

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With so many shows debuting and my affections caught between those who are character crushes, those who are actor crushes, those who are both, and those who are the best of the best--personal characters in my stories--there's a lot to choose from this fall. Due to that truth, the crushes we see for the rest of the year will be more subject to whim rather than my carefully plotted out schedule. I worked so dutifully on the schedule too. *Sigh*, such is life. 

So what debut has caught me up this week? Supernatural of course. Which means, yes, Kittens, this Friday's Crush of the Week is Jared Padalecki, the beloved younger of the Winchester boys. 

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