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Greetings, Kittens!

Happy September! Today I'm focused on all of the things I need to get done during this brand new shiny month. Due to the long illness of August, I'm far behind, so I might share the second part of the list next week as well. For now here are 13 Things to Do in September.



1. Finish Saint Valentine ~ Originally I wanted a chance to get this out and into the world for Christmas, but as I wrote I realized it was more properly set around Valentine's Day. I wanted to send it in by the September 5th deadline, but I was too run down the last three weeks. Instead I'm aiming for September 15th and will pitch it as a single title.

2. Revise BloodSprite ~ I have two separate publishers interested in two different revisions, so I had to put this off until I could dedicate my full attention and energy and this month will be part of that.

3. Revise Ronin StillSkin ~ This is only hours from being done. I just need to do a readthru and send it out the door.

4. Schedule the next 18 months ~ Yes, I do my writing schedules 18 months in advance. It helps me to prioritize plot bunnies so everything can get its moment in the sun.

5. Get Well ~ I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can't magically cure the CFS, but I finally have enough energy to do the work that will get me back to median. I've been able to ride the stationary bike a bit and I just want to increase that bit by bit until I build back enough strength and stamina that I can push through the exhaustion like I used to.

6. Settle the Job Question ~ Perhaps I can't control who will call in this economy, but I can change my mindset and narrow the field to those jobs that would be a benefit to our situation rather than cast so widely that I end up facing something that could be a detriment.

7. Settle the bills ~ Let's leave that as is.

8. Prioritze my obligations ~ I took on quite a few things in July and there are still a few things sneaking up for more of my attention. I like all of the things I'm a part of, and I'm excited about my release in October and the inevitable uptick in obligations. That said, I need to figure out which ones are mandatory and which are negotiable. Some weekly appearances may need to become bi-monthly.

9. Volunteer ~ I don't know where, how often, or even how practical this is, but I want to do it.

10. Network ~ I think I've done well with this, but I have several things I want more information and insight on, and I want it from the personal experiences of people, so I need to find more people to share content.

11. Choose my promo ~ This ties into prioritizing my obligations. I need to choose specific promotional options for my next release that can be done around any lingering illness and any change in schedule brought on by working outside the home.

12. Sleep ~ It may not always be restorative, but it needs to be there regardless and it's been slipping away. I've got to fight my way back to it, even if it means meds for a few weeks. Sigh.

13. Experience a windfall ~ This solves so many things that it deserves to be on every list. Wish me luck! *grin*

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 Happy September!

I don't know about the rest of the world, but for me, September 1st begins the Halloween seasons, my favorite holiday season of all. Halloween begins September 1st and spills into the second week of November the way the Christmas season starts in November and spills into January. That makes the next ten weeks rather wonderous, magical, and lightly gothic for me. (Yes, one can be lightly gothic, trust me)

As I love new beginnings and this one in particular, I made alot of plans for the month, and in fact, planned out my entire year, leaving spaces for the unexpected as one must when planning out an entire year. First, let me assure you, my potty training went very well thank you, so this is not a case of being anal retentive (some of you didn't know the origin of the phrase, did you? Tsk). It's just a matter of being one who thrives on routine, even contrived routine that is merely suggestion, reinforced by the actual act of writing it down, and then placing it on the Taskmaster Calendar of Doom on the wall above my desk that keeps me on schedule. (Best $3 I ever spent)

Planning out my year has shown me, A) I'm insane, B) Insanity works for me, C) I really can fit everything that was crowding my head into a single year without pushing everything else to the way side. I combined the wordcounts of the many projects, figured out how many words a day I'd have to average, and then figured how many hours I would have each day to meet that goal if pushed to bare minimal writing time (day job and all). Turns out...I can actually do this. Counting no writing on Thursdays as promotion, networking, sanity rebuilding days. Hooray for my side. 

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