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Greetings Kittens,

I'm back! I'm also on my way to bed so shall not dawdle. It's been a interesting week, but rather than use mere words I've chosen to sum it up on those ever so useful, grin-inducing little lovelies. Yes Kittens, I bring you My Week In Smilies!


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 Monday, mmm, Monday. 

It was a good day, I almost said great day, which technically is accurate if that's how it came to mind. But there was a moment of  which led to feeling , but I refuse to think that . Nope, not gonna go there .  Was any of that ? It's hard to tell sometimes. But I know whatever's wrong I can fix it cuz I got . And with  everything is all

And that concludes our mini check in. 

Fun With Smilies Mini-Ramble Done


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Greetings Kittens,

I'm supposed to be off to bed, resting and recovering with thoughts of Thursday Thirteen put off for another time. Obviously you can see how well that went. Truth is, I'm achey, my throat hurts, I'm developing a cough, and because I caught it too late, my tried and trusted remedies are only putting it into a holding pattern rather than helping me fight it off. All of this while trying to edit and write for a January 13th deadline. Rest is important, but I needed to smile. So here for your viewing pleasure are 13 Of My Favorite Smilie Icons. May they bring you a smile as well.


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