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Retail may be it's own rung of hell, but Retail on Black Friday/Day After Thanksgiving, is a hell onto itself...

I begin by saying that we had nowhere near the amount of people that the store saw last year. The fact that we are in a recession was clear as a day by the room to move in the store. That said, we had a steady stream of people and a line that seemed unending on my side of store for seven straight hours. And I wasn't even in electronics, which was a solid mass of people for the same time period.

Fortunately, with fewer people, there were no fights (in my section anyway) and things went as smoothly as we could have hoped for. And even with fewer people, we were the number one store in our region for the day's sales, and number six in the country! We broke a million dollars that day which was wonderful. So why is it it's own rung of hell?

First, you should never be getting up at 3am to sell anyone anything, especially when you have to also get up at 5am the very next day to sell them more stuff. Second, for all the calm of my store, there were other places that didn't fair as well.

I know there were countless incidents of cursing and shoving and hollering and a great deal of blame being laid at the feet of cashiers and managers across the country, for which I feel for them. But above and beyond were the fatalities.

Two men shot and killed each other in a Toys R Us in California, and a seasonal worker was trampled to death at a Walmart in New York. Three people whose families will never see them again, over, of all things, useless, replaceable, stuff. If that's not a special hell, I don't know what is.
"Retail Rung of Hell Ramble" Done

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It was a slow night, and thank goodness because...well, you'll see. 

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 Going to bed near 3pm and waking up at 7pm and finally getting out of bed at 8pm when you have to admit you aren't going back to sleep, all on a day when you have to work from 11:30pm to 8am....not a good idea. Especially if you just worked the previous day and woke up waaaay too early to be working an overnight shift.

It will be an interesting night to say the least. Hopefully less interesting than yesterday. I swear they must have been passing out free tequila shots on a street corner nearby because every 2 out of 3 people that came in were toasted. Every tenth was out and out wasted. And let me tell you, wallets and purses should come with breathalizers because too many people walk up and hand me cash or credit cards and have no idea what they're trying to buy. You just shouldn't be allowed to spend when you're that far gone.

And the Wrap-up:

Number of Come-ons: 2 ~ And they were even non-creepy come-ons

Number of Flirtations: 4 ~ That I caught anyway, I was tired so who knows. 

Number of Drunks Who Thought They Were Charming: 2 ~ SIGH

Number of Drunks Who Were Actually Charming: 0 ~ SIGH

Number of Philosophical Drunks: 1 ~ I haven't had enough sleep to even begin to explain this encounter

Number of Embarassed Condom Purchases: 0 ~ Hopefully this doesn't mean they chose to forgo condoms alltogether. I'd rather believe they already had some or just weren't getting lucky last night. 

Number of Confident Condom Purchases: 1 ~ And kudos to him because he looked me in the eye and everything!

Number of "Working Girls" on "Dates" : 0 ~ This is unprecedented, I'm a little worried. 

Number of "Working Guys" on "Dates" : 2 ~ This was new. I'm sure it's not the first time, but it was the first time it was obvious. Granted, perhaps I've just become better at spotting sex workers of any gender. 

Number of Well-Wishers: All but five or so. 

Biggest Compliment of the Night: "You're too much for me. I can't keep up."

The Number of Folks That Reminded Me Why I Do Retail: 3 ~ Not as good as last week, but still good for a single shift in general. 

Prevelant Thought For The Night: Prohibition had a point

Workday Wrap-Up Ramble Done

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Gotta do that daily blog which means you are privy yet again to workplace ramble. We'll do it as a wrap-up style because...the thought amuses me.

The Workday Wrap-up for Friday at "The Station".

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