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 Greetings Kittens, 

Today's the day, SHIFTING PASSIONS is now available for your enjoyment. 
 And that's only part of what made the morning so lovely. 

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Hello Kittens,

I had many topics in mind this week, but with the 26th so close at hand, I'm combining our exploration of alternate lifestyles and various sexual orientations with responsible business practice and tossing out a bit of promo. My Paranormal Romance novella comes out in ebook format in five days Lovelies, so today I bring you 13 Reasons You Should Download SHIFTING PASSIONS on Tuesday.


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The way I was standing, turning and reaching during my work shifts, I deeply aggravated my knee. It's healing now and in fact feels really good, but I have to find another cardio that I can do to strengthen it without stressing it. 

A physical therapist, two trainers and several folks who have been through PT suggested a rebounder/mini trampoline. Does anyone have one? Do you actually use it? Would you recommend it? And Where did you get it?

Also, anyone have any favorite leg exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. I have one that seems to be working but I'm always looking for more. 

And now just to throw out some things writing related, my final proofs for SHIFTING PASSIONS arrived and the regular pdf and Sony pdf look gorgeous. (I'm available thru SonyConnect, how cool is that?) I'm a quarter way through some requested revisions. And...well, I'm actually not at liberty to discuss And, but everything is going well, if pleasantly stressful. Are you allowed to put pleasant and stressful in the same description?

Knee Issues and Writing Info Ramble Done


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