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Greetings, Kittens!

I wanted to go with something peppy and upbeat this week but all I feel is sleepy. As a long time insomniac this of course led to it's own Thursday Thirteen idea, so this week I bring you 13 Supplements that Help Sleep. Multitasking at its best. *wink*


This T13 is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any condition, please consult with your doctor on all supplements and otc medications. *smile*

1. Calcium: 1500-2000 mg daily divided into two to three 600mg doses with food.

2. Magnesium: 250 to 1000mg daily. Taken with calcium 45mins before bed in a 2:1 ration (500mg Calcium to 250mg Magnesium) will reduce leg cramps and provide a mild sedative affect.

3. Vitamin B6: 50-100mg to help prevent insomnia.

4. Vitamin B12: 25mg with 100mg of B5 can help reduce or prevent insomnia.

5. Inositol: 100mg taken at bedtime enhances REM sleep.

6. Chromium: 250-500 micro-grams can reduce bloodsugar issues that prevent sleep.

7. Tryptophan (L-Tryptophan): Converts to seratonin in the brain which enduces relaxation and sleep.

8. Phosphatidylserine: An anmino acid that reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that can prevent sleep at high levels.

9. 5-HTP: Taken with fruit or fruit juice before bed, this highly effective form of tryptophan will reduce the amount of time it takes to fall to sleep by increasing seratonin levels.

10. Melatonin: 1.5mg daily to start taken 2hrs or less before bedtime. You can increase the dosage if it doesn't work but should not exceed 5mg a day.

11. Niacin: 100mg at bedtime. This is best combined with 5HTP has it helps in the conversion of 5HTP to seratonin.

12. Valerian: Used in treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, valerian can often be found in sleep aids like Alteril and is thought safe in use cycles as long as 4 to 6 weeks at a time. Take as directed.

13. GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid occurs natural in the brain. Called the peace maker chemical it induces relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety and can increase focus. GABA doesn't make you sleep it relaxes the mind to allow you to sleep. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates naturally increase levels of GABA production in the brain.

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I was so tired I nearly cried today. The body can only take so much and I think mine has taken all that it can. But the day wasn't a total disaster. I got a major section revised today. Unfortunately it wasn't in sequential order and my cps will have to wait until I'm lucid enough tomorrow to go back and do the next sections they're waiting to read. I'll get it all straight by tomorrow night. 

I'm rather surprised by the revisions so far. It seemed like a great deal to be done when it was all in my head, but when I got to the actual chapters very little changed. The one problem I came across so far is that I added a good bit of material. Part of my point had been to try to cut about twenty pages if possible. Now I'm a wee bit wonderous of if the plan is going to backfire. I'm not outright panicked yet though. I mean come on, I haven't had enough sleep to be able to safely operate a remote control, I'm in no shape to judge how the edits are going. It's more of an observation right now. 

One thing that stood out? Dialogue tags. Or lack thereof. I apparently have misplaced them and no one who has read it to date has pointed that out save one person. Don't know what I'm going to do about it though until I sleep and can read it all again. I guess it was clear to me who was speaking so it never stood out that the tags were sparse and outright absent in places. Ah, well, if tags and commas are my worse issues, I have no complaints. 

I'll get to become more intimately acquainted with my writing quirks come November when I start edits on the novellas. I'm thrilled to have a time frame in mind now to work with. it happens to fall perfectly into my 13 Week stint of goal oriented goodness no less which lets me know the universe loves me. *dimpled smile* 

I have three months to finish book two (no sweat), get a good bead on uber-cool-new-book, and finish at least one of the two short stories on my goal board before I have to buckle down for edits. In my current punch-drunk tired frame of mind it seems like a lot to take one, and like a highly doable list all in one. There is something to be said for the zen calm of exhaustion.

What was that in back? Speak up sweetheart, I can't understand you when you mumble. What? Why I am here rambling instead of in bed already? Valid question, luv. Well, I wasn't as active as I would have liked and am behind in my steps goal, so I figured I can walk in place to music and type up the blog I said I'd do today. Multitasking at it's finest. So, let's get back to the ramble shall we?

In the same correspondence that let me know my edits were coming up, my editor also weighed in on the name game as I'd asked her too. After much deliberation it has been decided that I'm going to use -- hold on, phone....

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I'm having a genuine fun with the revisions. It's odd and scary and rather nice not to be stressed about it. Of course, who knows how the "awake version" of me will feel. I'm looking forward to finding out. 

What's that? You're mumbling again. Ah, well, whatever it is we'll cover it another time. I have reached my step goal and really much begin pursuing sleep. So that's all for tonight. 

Ramble Done, Kittens. 


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Punch Drunk Tired:

If you're not nor have ever been an insomniac the phrase "punch drunk tired" may be foreign to you. For the rest o f us it's that point where you've been up for so long, or gone some many days on so little sleep that the entire world is a half shade off. 

It's brighter or darker or funnier or in some way not quite on center and you can't help but marvel at the sparklies on the edge of your vision. As a chronic insomniac it's something you come to enjoy because the alternative is a room with rubber wallpaper and afternoons learning to basketweave. Not quite ready for the asylum, I've gone the "oo, pretty sparklies" route.

Now ever so often I find my way out of the cycle and make it to almost six hours of sleep. It usually takes about 40 hrs up and sleep meds, but it does happen. It's a delicate balance to keep it there and the one thing that undoes it quicker than all else is writing. I am one of the unfortunate few who don't take any illicit or other mind altering substances so sleep deprivation is my big epiphany medium.

I've been too tired to think just like everyone else. But most often I'm too tired to stop thinking. I'll be on a pretty good sleep run of one time or another (less frequent waking, quicker falling to sleep) and while writing something hours will pass and suddenly the sleeping streak is broken. I go to bed, bleary eyed and on my 23rd hour up and still can't turn off.

I force my mind to stop writing what I'm working on only to turn to other projects, concepts and thoughts. Entire stories, excerpts, whole seasons of Law and Order: SVU, I've written them all in my head during one exceptionally bad bout or another and it seems to get worse every year.

I've begun to wonder on some level if subconsciously I break a sleeping streak just to feel that creative overflow while working on a writing project. Some of my best stuff has been written when I had to lay my head down between paragraphs just to catch a little rest before I could go on. I don't enjoy the side effects and the other things that are impacted, but when the writing is flowing and the stories are floating so close to the surface of consciousness that I can read the pages through the water...well, it's hard to pass that up even for my own good.

I've always wondered if it's the same for other artists who find themselves drinking or using in order to work in their chosen medium. No matter what they tell themselves about their health and feeling better it always creeps back when they start jonesing for that creative outlet. They need to work, to purge, to create and so in the end they fall back on the thing that gets them through.

They can create sober as well as I can create rested, but it's not what comes to mind when you walk up to the canvass or blank screen. No, when you're there you're just thinking of the last time you were there. The last time that things turned out exactly the way you wanted it and everyone who saw it understood.  You think about how it felt and what you did and you wonder if you can reproduce the results. You wonder if you have to be under the same influence to do so. Maybe it's not a conscious thought, but it's there.

"If I stay up just a little longer I think I'll be able to get through this chapter". A true thought, but in the end what's happened in staying up is that I've grown more and more tired, and in that tiredness, in that blooming exhaustion is the place where the mind lets go and everything feels in reach. If that doesn't sound like a drug....

Maybe the classic alcoholic writer or drug addicted painter are addicts because they get just too much sleep and the high of exhaustion is unattainable. You never know. *grin*

What's your mind alteration of choice when other worlds are calling?

Ramble done. 



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