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 Happy September!

I don't know about the rest of the world, but for me, September 1st begins the Halloween seasons, my favorite holiday season of all. Halloween begins September 1st and spills into the second week of November the way the Christmas season starts in November and spills into January. That makes the next ten weeks rather wonderous, magical, and lightly gothic for me. (Yes, one can be lightly gothic, trust me)

As I love new beginnings and this one in particular, I made alot of plans for the month, and in fact, planned out my entire year, leaving spaces for the unexpected as one must when planning out an entire year. First, let me assure you, my potty training went very well thank you, so this is not a case of being anal retentive (some of you didn't know the origin of the phrase, did you? Tsk). It's just a matter of being one who thrives on routine, even contrived routine that is merely suggestion, reinforced by the actual act of writing it down, and then placing it on the Taskmaster Calendar of Doom on the wall above my desk that keeps me on schedule. (Best $3 I ever spent)

Planning out my year has shown me, A) I'm insane, B) Insanity works for me, C) I really can fit everything that was crowding my head into a single year without pushing everything else to the way side. I combined the wordcounts of the many projects, figured out how many words a day I'd have to average, and then figured how many hours I would have each day to meet that goal if pushed to bare minimal writing time (day job and all). Turns out...I can actually do this. Counting no writing on Thursdays as promotion, networking, sanity rebuilding days. Hooray for my side. 

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This is supposed to be Sunday Setup where I make plans for my week. 

Write. Clean. 

Okay. That's done. Now onto the discussion of Character Crushes. 

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