Jan. 6th, 2011

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Greetings Kittens!

Today is a little tight and the official site isn't up yet, so I'm going to go simple this week and quickly share 13 Goals for 2011. Make sure you come back tomorrow for Crush of the Week and don't forget to swing by Rhonda Print's blog tomorrow to read my interview!


1. Finish all my writing/submission deadlines on time and with minimal stress possible. (I have six this year...so far)

2. Complete two revisions on long term projects. 

3. Finish BloodQueen and The Forgiven.

4. Start BloodThrone and Rise of the Morning Star.

5. Become a more active participant in reader/writer forums.

6. Have fewer writing related obsessions.

7. Read more to recharge my creative spark.

8. Become proficient enough with my Hula Hoop to teach others.

9. Save up for certification courses.

10. More sex.

11. Complete another large crochet project. (I know that seems a strange thing to put after sex, but the last crochet project ended up being a queen sized afghan that's on our bed, so you get how I arrived here.)

12. More sex. (And you get how I got back here.)

13. Spend more time during the rest of the week getting acquainted with the blogs of my fellow TTers.

New Year's Goals Ramble ~ Done!

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